Hello everyone, Karva Games here to give you a quick update of what’s happening:

Our team has been changing a bit during winter, three of our members left to finish their studies and we thank them for everything they did for the game. We also gained two new members, a programmer and a 2D-artist! So currently we are seven people strong 

About the game development: We have finished four levels that make our first world in the game and we are currently working on new set of levels for the second world. Tutorial-level is almost finished so we can soon publish our first alpha-demo on Itch.io and Game Jolt! We are looking forward to you guys playing our game and getting feedback.

On social media we have posted in-game elements and concept-art and you might have already seen our new amazing logo of Karva Games! We are also planning on doing several illustrations of O.R.B. to show you a little bit of the backstory in the game.

So look forward to the future and we’ll see you in the the next update!

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